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Whether you’re wrapping up a home renovation project or have recently completed a major construction-related task, one thing’s for sure: you’re bound to have a fair amount of leftover debris on your hands, and removing it can become a hassle. Or maybe you have a room full of unused items, junk and accumulated trash that you never seem to find time to throw away. Whichever the case may be, JunkGuru is equipped for any junk removal task.

We offer top-quality residential trash removal services, from garbage removal, furniture removal, old appliances removal, to full attic, garage, and basement clean-outs, tub removals, mattress disposals, yard waste removal, and everything in between. Regain wasted space in your home by choosing a residential trash removal service in Dallas.

Residential Junk Removal

If you are dealing with a major mess and need help with the heavy lifting, then turn to JunkGuru, a professional junk removal service in Dallas, TX. JunkGuruz is ready to provide assistance with everything from hauling off scrap metal to appliance removal, old tv removal, furniture removal, storm damage tree removal, and much more. Plus, we also offer hoarder cleaning services.

Clean-Out Services

If you’ve been putting off that spring cleaning you promised you’d do in the attic, yard or basement, but haven’t had the chance to go through with it, JunkGuruz can step in and handle it for you. Our top junk removal services include full house clean-outs, ranging from garage clean-outs to attic, basement, yard, and storage clean-outs. We take pride in our great customer service, and you’ll appreciate our competitive rates.

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