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What’s the best way to get rid of an old refrigerator?

Your refrigerator is likely the biggest appliance in your home, and it’s a vital component of your day-to-day routine. When they’re working, refrigerators are indispensable, but when they break down, there’s nothing bulkier or more inconvenient to have in your home.

Attempting to haul away and dispose of an old broken fridge on your own is a monumental task. A full-size fridge is extremely heavy, difficult to move and lift, and hard to fit through doorways. Because fridges contain chemicals, there are also strict regulations governing how and where they must be disposed of. In other words, if you haven’t done it before, refrigerator disposal is a serious challenge.

Fortunately, it’s not such a challenge for the team at Junk Guru. We have plenty of experience getting rid of old refrigerators, which means yours can be gone from your home in just minutes. Junk Guru will come to your home or business, safely and quickly remove your old refrigerator, and get it where it needs to go. We do all the heavy lifting, and we already have all the right tools, people, and trucks for getting rid of your old fridge. Our appliance removal team is ready and waiting to help you get that old refrigerator out of your home and taken to an appropriate recycling center. If you have an old refrigerator taking up space, call the refrigerator disposal and recycling specialists at Junk Guru. We can also provide you with a price quote first if you’re wondering how much it costs to dispose of a refrigerator.

Refrigerator Disposal & Recycling FAQs

What do you do with my old refrigerator?

We recycle all the refrigerators we remove from commercial and residential locations. Most old refrigerators still have some remaining pressurized refrigerant that needs to be safely extracted and stored to keep it from getting into the local ecosystem. Refrigerators are fully recyclable, and nearly all components will be broken down and reused for other products.

Do you also remove commercial refrigerators and deep freezers?

Yes, we do! Just give us a heads-up that you need removal of a specialty refrigeration unit when you call so we can bring the right tools and equipment. Our refrigerator removal team is trained and experienced in removing and hauling away all kinds of refrigerators and freezers, regardless of location. Let us move those old appliances from upper floors or basements and save yourself time and potential injury.
Junk Guru doesn’t just handle refrigerator and freezer removal and disposal. We have the equipment, training, and experience to remove all kinds of junk, trash, and debris, remove old household appliances, air conditioning units, hot tubs, TVs, rubbish, yard waste, and much more.

Call today to book your appointment, and feel free to let us know if you have any more items or junk you’d like us to remove when we come for your old refrigerator. We’d be happy to do a bulk pickup and get rid of all your old junk in one visit. Declutter your home and let Junk Guru take it all away! Contact us today!