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How can I dispose of my old hot tub?

A hot tub can be a great feature in almost any home. After all, who doesn’t love soaking in hot, bubbling water at the end of a long day?Having a hot tub on your property or in your home is an investment in self-care that pays dividends for years to come.

While a properly functioning hot tub is great fun, a broken-down unit quickly becomes an eyesore, and removing it can be a real chore. You have to break it apart, collect the pieces, and then haul everything away yourself because regular trash collection won’t take them. Hot tubs are bulky and heavy, and most won’t fit into a regular pickup truck.If you try to remove your hot tub on your own without any experience, you might find you’re in for a lot more difficulty than you expected.

There are a couple of reasons you should call on Junk Guru to remove and dispose of your hot tub. First, our team has extensive experience with hot tub removal, and we know exactly how to approach the task. More importantly, we have all the necessary equipment, including trucks that are big enough to haul away the tub itself safely and easily. We’ll also clean up the other parts and accessories so they can be properly disposed of when we deliver your hot tub to the recycling center.

Hot Tub Disposal FAQS

Why should I leave hot tub removal and disposal to the experts at Junk Guru?

We’ve done hundreds of hot tub removals over the years, and we know exactly what tools we need, how long it’s going to take, and how to dispose of all the materials and the hot tub itself.

It’s risky to attempt to remove a hot tub on your own without the proper tools andexperience to safely dismantle it as well as a truck capable of hauling away the tub and all associated materials. You can easily injure yourself or cause damage to your property if something goes wrong.

How does your hot tub disposal service work?

Simply book an appointment by calling one of our friendly team members at Junk Guru’s Dallas/Fort Worth location. We’ll send an experienced team to dismantle your hot tub, and they’ll have the right type of truck to haul it away, whether it’s outdoors or inside your home. Whatever can be recycled will be taken to a recycling center for eco-friendly disposal.

Junk Guru provides far more than just hot tub removal and disposal. While we’re on your property, we can provide you with a number of other junk removal and hauling services. We also remove and recycle major home appliances, yard waste, old TVs, and almost every type of junk, trash, and debris. We can even arrange for bulk pickup when you hire us to remove your hot tub, allowing you to easily dispose of all your unwanted junk with a single appointment.Call today to find out more about how we can help you declutter your home by removing any junk you’ve accumulated.Contact us today!