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How Can I Get Rid of an Old Sofa When I Move?

It’s quite common to want to get rid of old furniture when moving into a new home. A new place offers the opportunity to update your décor, and old furniture may not fit into the new decorating scheme or space. Getting rid of a piece of large furniture, such as a couch, can be a […]

Can I Get Rid of Old Furniture by Putting It in a Dumpster?

Moving or getting rid of unwanted furniture can pose a challenge if you aren’t sure how to properly dispose of your possessions. While a dumpster on public property may seem like the most obvious solution, it can have legal consequences depending on the particular location of the dumpster and local laws. In Texas, illegal dumping […]

Ideas for Getting Rid of Furniture at No Cost

Furniture can be expensive to both acquire and get rid of. When things get broken, go out of style, or outgrow the interest of the owner, that usually means it’s time to get rid of them. Here are a few ways you can try to get rid of old furniture for free. Ask People in […]