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It’s quite common to want to get rid of old furniture when moving into a new home. A new place offers the opportunity to update your décor, and old furniture may not fit into the new decorating scheme or space. Getting rid of a piece of large furniture, such as a couch, can be a frustrating task. Use these tips to throw out your couch before your next move so you can start anew.

List It for Sale (or Free)

One person’s junk may be another person’s treasure. Selling or giving away unwanted items keeps them out of landfills and may put some extra money in your pocket. There are several credible websites and apps, such as Craigslist and OfferUp, that allow sellers to list their furniture free of charge.

When selling or giving away furniture on these sites, safety is of utmost importance. Most experts recommend meeting at a neutral location near a police station. However, this may not be possible with a large piece of furniture like a couch. If the buyer is coming to your home to pick up the couch, don’t be alone, and don’t allow him or her to come into your home. Instead, have somebody help you take the couch to your front yard or the parking lot of your apartment complex.

Leave It on the Curb

If you live in a neighborhood that allows you to do so, simply haul your couch out to the curb with a sign that indicates it’s free. If it’s not gone within 48 to 72 hours, be a good neighbor and find a different way to dispose of it, such as hiring a junk removal company that provides Dallas, TX, curbside pickup.

Cut It Up

Most waste management companies won’t remove a couch that’s simply put out by the garbage can, and many apartment complexes with community dumpsters discourage placing large pieces of furniture in them. If you have access to power tools, you may be able to get rid of the couch via your trash service by cutting it into pieces using a chainsaw or handsaw. The smaller pieces can easily fit into a can or dumpster. Take precautions with this method, as small wire coils inside the couch may be sharp.

Hire a Junk Removal Service

When it comes to carrying and disposing of a large piece of furniture, it’s often best to turn to the professionals. Junk removal services will come to your home and haul away any furniture or large items you no longer need. They’ll do it safely, without any hassle or hard work on your part, and they’ll dispose of your items properly. If your neighborhood has an HOA, this method will ensure you don’t accrue any fines for placing furniture on a curb or in a dumpster. Make sure to schedule an appointment ahead of time so your couch is gone before your move-out date.

If you’re moving and you need high-quality, efficient Dallas, TX, couch removal, call on the experienced team from Junk Guru. We’ll haul away your items quickly and efficiently, whether you have a single sofa, a bed, or rooms full of furniture you don’t want anymore. We also perform bulk pickup, appliance removal, and trash hauling services. To schedule a pickup of all your unwanted items, give us a call today at 972-408-8348.