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Clutter can take over your home, and it can be hazardous to your health. Upholstered items and books that are hard to clean can collect dust, which can trigger asthma and allergies. Stuffed closets and clutter stacked along walls offer shelter to insects and rodents. Anything on the floor—especially small appliances and electronics with cords—can be a tripping hazard. If you’re tired of clutter, consider these five essential decluttering tips, brought to you by Junk Guru, the Dallas junk pickup specialists to call when you need high-quality professional junk, trash, and debris removal services.

1. Evaluate Your Clutter

It’s probably taken your home several years to reach its cluttered state, so it’ll take some planning and time to declutter it. Go through each area of your home to identify cluttered spaces. Open every drawer, cabinet, and closet. Create a list that includes each area to be decluttered. This list will help you work more efficiently as you tackle your clutter.

2. Ask “Have I Used This Stuff Recently?”

Many clutter experts recommend that if you’re holding on to things you haven’t used in a year, it’s time to get rid of them. Unused gifts, ill-fitting clothes, and obsolete electronics are examples of clutter. Some of these items may be donated to charity, while those that are no longer useful can be thrown away.

3. Make a Plan & Stick to It

Once you know where the clutter lives in your home, make a plan to tackle it. Rest assured you won’t get it done in a day. Decide on an area to work on first. A drawer is a practical place to start because you can finish it quickly and experience a sense of accomplishment that may encourage you to keep going. If you feel like staying with it, move to another drawer or area on your list. However, if you start feeling overwhelmed, restart the process later or on another day.

4. Break Down a Big Decluttering Job into Small Parts

When decluttering a larger space, such as a closet, focus on one type of item at a time. For example, if you have a lot of shoes, concentrate on removing the footwear you plan to discard or give away before moving on to sweaters, shirts, coats, etc. Taking this approach allows you to make gradual progress. When you pull out too many items at once, it’s easy to get distracted or discouraged. If you run out of time, you may end up stuffing articles back into the closet or moving them to another storage space, which can make your clutter problem worse.

5. Get Help from a Junk Removal Service

Once you begin decluttering, there’s no need to worry about renting a truck or dealing with unreliable people to haul away your unwanted stuff. A professional junk removal service can help you rid your home of clutter. You’ll need to provide the company with information about your location and the articles to be removed. After you receive an estimate, schedule a time for your junk to be removed. The company’s professional staff will remove old furniture, clothing, electronics, and other clutter from your home and haul it all away. 

If you need more advice on how to tackle the clutter in your home, reach out to the friendly folks at the junk removal service Dallas residents rely on for safe, efficient pickup and disposal of junk, furniture, appliances, trash, and much more. Give the pros at Junk Guru a call today at 972-408-8348.