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If you’re about to embark on a home decluttering spree or even just a couple of appliance upgrades, one of the first things you should consider is what you’re going to do with the items you plan to get rid of. Donating them to charity is a great idea, and there are lots of things that can be really useful to individuals and families in need. However, you should be aware there are a lot of items you might need to get rid of that Goodwill and similar organizations either can’t take for legal or safety reasons or won’t take because they won’t be able to resell them. Here’s a rundown of some common items charities usually won’t take that you might not have thought of before. In these cases, your best bet is to consider a Dallas, TX, junk removal service to get rid of items you no longer want in your home that can’t easily be donated.

Anything Covered in Animal Hair

Furniture coming from a home with dogs, cats, or other pets usually can’t be donated to Goodwill. Animal hair is a safety issue, and to comply with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, charities that operate thrift stores generally can’t accept couches, armchairs, or any upholstered item that comes from a home with pets. This also goes for wall-to-wall carpet in general, even if animal hair isn’t the specific issue.

Stained or Broken Furniture

If you’ve got a well-loved couch or other item of furniture that’s worn out, mildewed, soiled, broken, or missing parts, you’ll need to toss it instead of donating it, because Goodwill isn’t able to accept it. Also included are all bean bag chairs and sleeper sofas, soiled or otherwise. Again, a junk removal service is a great alternative. When they need safe, efficient furniture disposal, including couch removal, Dallas residents can rely on the experienced pros from Junk Guru to do the job right.

Mattresses and Box Springs

Even if you’re positive you don’t have bedbugs and never have, Goodwill won’t accept most bedding-related items as donations. In addition to mattresses and box springs, waterbeds, bed pillows, and hospital beds cannot be donated. This might seem counterintuitive, since items like these can be very expensive and everyone needs to sleep on something, but safety and sanitation concerns make these things difficult or impossible to donate.

Large Appliances

If you’ve recently upgraded your fridge, stove, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, or water heater, you may be looking to get rid of the old model, but unfortunately, these are also on the “no” list for Goodwill donation. This also goes for old CRT televisions—if it’s not a flat screen, you probably can’t donate it.

Anything Rusty, Mildewed, Sharp, or Otherwise Dangerous

You might have a lot of leftover construction materials or scrap metal you’ve hung on to because you know they’d be useful for someone out there, but none of these items can be donated to organizations like Goodwill—again, for safety reasons. You also can’t donate anything that might contain a hazardous substance, such as acid, solvent, fuel, or oil.

If you have old appliances, furniture, mattresses, or any other type of junk, trash, or debris you need to get rid of, don’t try to do it yourself. Call on the experienced junk removal pros at Junk Guru. We’ll haul away your items quickly and dispose of them responsibly—even recycling when possible. We’re available 24/7, so give us a call today at 972-408-8348.