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It’s easy to confuse junk removal with garbage pickup. These may seem similar, since both services include picking up trash, but there are differences, and neither is completely synonymous with trash removal. Dallas residents should understand the differences so they understand which service they need.

Size Difference

Garbage is normally a collection of small items. It’s the stuff that piles up in a household and can easily fit into a garbage bag. This stuff is usually hauled away every week. Junk isn’t like that. It doesn’t have to be small or manageable. Someone who is removing junk can expect to haul away heavy objects or items that are a little hard to handle because they’re big. You’re going to need a professional to help you haul junk away when necessary. A service that deals exclusively with garbage won’t be able to handle junk loads.

Sanitation Concerns

Another thing you can expect from garbage that you normally don’t get with junk is that it’s unsanitary. Garbage usually includes food, which goes bad after a while. This process can happen at an accelerated rate on those hot days in Texas, which creates a hospitable environment for bacteria to reproduce. This doesn’t typically happen with junk.

Issues that Come with Garbage

Garbage comes with its own problems, such as attracting insects and rodents. You cannot keep garbage near your home too long unless you want to expose your family to the danger of a pest infestation, so you can avoid a costly extermination bill by not letting your garbage pile up. Also, the bacteria that grows in garbage could make people sick, and this is especially true for sensitive individuals.

Problems that Come with Junk

By contrast, most junk pieces aren’t going to go bad on you and stink up your yard or home. Most of the time, junk doesn’t pose a sanitation problem, but you do need to be cautious about how you store your junk. Since junk doesn’t seem to pose a major health threat, some people tend to overlook it and not worry about hauling it away quickly. This is a mistake because junk can still make your place look unsightly, and it could pose a danger to your children if they decide to play with the discarded items. Junk could also attract rodents and insects, which often breed and make homes in junkpiles. These insects and vermin could bite your children when they’re out playing, which could pose certain health dangers.

For your family’s safety and health, it’s always a good idea to keep your home as uncluttered and free of junk as possible. For the highest quality in professional junk removal, Dallas residents call on the experienced team at Junk Guru. Call us today at 972-408-8348 to haul away all your junk, no matter how big or how much.