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Mattress removal isn’t something most people think about. Everyone loves buying new furniture, including mattresses, but then they realize they have to discard the old stuff. In general, a lot of factors affect the price of junk removal, and mattresses are no different. There’s no average price, and things such as labor costs and disposal fees can cause the price to vary. The Dallas disposal experts from Junk Guru offer the following advice about the cost of getting rid of your mattress.

Factors Affecting Cost

When a junk disposal company removes a mattress, the cost depends on a few things. As with other items picked up by junk removal services, the number of mattresses matters. The more mattresses that need to be disposed of, the higher the cost will be. Keep in mind that disposing of a twin-sized mattress is cheaper than getting rid of a queen-sized or king-sized one. Junk removal services may also charge extra to haul away other things such as bed frames.

One of the most important factors is how the mattress is disposed of. There are other methods besides using a junk removal company. Curbside pickup may be a free option. A retailer could pick it up from you for a fee. Dumping it in a landfill is an option, along with recycling or dumpster rental. Remember not all states and municipalities have all of these disposal methods available, and recycling is only mandatory in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Moving a mattress is a bigger job than you might think. If you’ve had to move one before, you know it’s easier with two people. A junk removal company can safely remove the mattress or mattresses quickly. The labor costs may vary depending on whether there are stairs and how many mattresses are being removed.

Donating the Mattress

An often-overlooked option for disposing of a mattress is donating it. A mattress can be donated if it’s still in good condition, undamaged, and clean. You could always see if a family member or friend would be interested in it. Some nonprofits will even pick up a mattress to give to the needy or resell in a thrift store. Animal shelters may accept mattresses for animal bedding as well. Every organization has its own guidelines for accepting mattresses, so make sure yours fits what they’re looking for before donating.

Other Considerations

There are a few other things to keep in mind. Illegally leaving a mattress outside or using a dumpster you don’t have permission to use could result in a fine. A mattress with bed bugs has to be properly dealt with by wrapping the mattress with plastic wrap and using duct tape to make sure it’s sealed. If you leave it by the curb, make sure it’s marked.

If you’ve bought a new mattress recently, getting rid of your old one is a top priority. The friendly, professional team from Junk Guru will make disposing of your old mattress quick and easy. For efficient, quick Dallas mattress pickup, give us a call at 972-408-8348.