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The latest appliances are now being manufactured with a growing awareness of the need to recycle and reuse them. In the case of refrigerator and freezer disposal, Dallas residents have a few options for removing these appliances from their properties as well as safely disposing of any dangerous chemicals (including freon) they may contain.

Utility Company

Let’s start with the option of having your refrigerator removed for free when you’re looking to make a change because your appliance is either broken or too old to use. Your utility company may offer a refrigerator and freezer recycling program that includes coming to your property to pick these items up. These programs aren’t often advertised on a regular basis by utility companies but can be discussed when you call their customer service department.

Retailer Hauling

Many of the top retailers of home appliances now offer haul-away service for your old refrigerator when you purchase a new refrigerator from them. These services are usually free or performed for a small charge and include the retailer absorbing the cost of recycling your refrigerator without any extra charge.

Local Government Recycling

Another option for removing and recycling your refrigerator or freezer is to look for programs in your area offered by local government waste removal departments that pick up larger appliances. Many local waste removal departments offer residents the chance to take a major appliance to the local landfill and have it recycled free of charge.

Junk Removal Service

When a major appliance is broken or too outdated to use anymore, it can be difficult to find a recycling program. The presence of freon and other chemicals often results in the need to use a junk removal company. These companies tend to charge for the cost of removal according to the size of the appliance measured in cubic feet. Dallas refrigerator pickup requires the removal of freon and chemicals.

Metal Recycling Brands

The majority of metal recyclers charge a small fee to remove the freon usually found in refrigerators. Freon is hazardous to the environment and must be disposed of carefully before an appliance can be recycled or disposed of. Any funds you would have received by recycling with a commercial company will usually be offset by the higher cost of removing freon and recycling the appliance in the correct way.

If you have an old refrigerator, freezer, or any other type of appliance you need to get rid of, call on the efficient, affordable junk removal pros at Junk Guru. We’ll haul away your items safely and dispose of them responsibly—even recycling when possible. We’re available 24/7, so give us a call today at 972-408-8348.