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Junk removal businesses, like most companies, try to build solid reputations and create loyal customer bases. Maintaining consistent service for every customer means a junk removal business is following a prescribed business plan for this kind of service.

Equipment and Licensing

Vehicles with a sizable front-load capacity are normally used. The number of vehicles a company has depends on how long they’ve been in business and the extent to which their business is growing. Many junk removal businesses opt for conversion-style vans or trailers. The vehicles are maintained regularly so unforeseen issues with repairs or breakdowns are avoided. Today, these vehicles include GPS systems for faster customer service. Dallas waste removal companies must acquire special state licenses for removal of large quantities of waste and other specific materials.

Junk Removal and Disposal

Several locations are usually used for junk disposal, since some facilities aren’t open every day. Another reason is because many places won’t take all types of waste. A junk removal vehicle could be hauling materials between several different sites, including a landfill, a scrap metal yard, and a recycling center. Each one has its own list of disposal regulations.
Additionally, waste disposal carries a fee if a landfill is the main site for disposal. Recycling centers are usually free. Another alternative is to take any valuable metals and sell them at a scrap yard, which many junk removal companies do. Some even donate items to charities and include the donations as part of their year-end tax information.


Many junk removal companies opt to hire contract workers as opposed to only permanent full-time employees, which keeps labor costs down when contracts aren’t renewed or special projects are completed. A contract worker can complete the work and then be called back to work once a new contract begins. Junk removal companies that use temporary or part-time labor are familiar with state labor regulations, including any requirements for proper training in handling certain kinds of items or materials.

Business Promotion

Not all junk removal companies can rely on large contracts, so an integral part of business activity is promoting the company. Many junk removal services drop flyers in residential areas as well as business districts. Additionally, a low-cost advertisement in a local newspaper that runs each week is a common way for many junk removal companies to keep their business consistent. The types of customers that regularly work with junk removal businesses include construction and property management companies as well as local and state governments.

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